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Eporex used by Elle MacPherson
Eporex Mesotherapy is no longer just for the celebs like Elle Macpherson, Caprice and Tamsin Outhwaite. [Read More]
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Stretch Marks
The Eporex Centre: The Natural Alternative to Surgery

Eporex TreatmentThe Pain Free Alternative to Liposuction?

Eporex Mesotherapy is a professional cosmetic device from Italy, the Eporex system utilises unique ionic technology for effective treatments in weight loss, stretch marks, cellulite, anti-ageing and sports performance.

The Eporex system delivers cosmetic formulations painlessly through the skin to where the body can utilize them quickly. With its unique ability to penetrate depths of 1 mm to 10 cms.

Originally a medical technique devised in 1958 by Frenchman Dr Michael Pistor to treat such conditions as rheumatology, sports grammatology, infectious diseases, vascular diseases and the improvement of circulation. Mesotherapy has subsequently been extremely useful in the treatment of aesthetic conditions. Cellulite / Orange Peel Effect and weight loss can be effectively managed with the use of Mesotherapy. The treatment stimulates the mesoderm or middle layer of the skin, which in turn helps to disburse the cellulite.
Targeted Fat Reduction, Eyes and Facial, Cellulite Reduction
Eporex Mesotherapy involves transferring small amounts of homeopathic formulations immediately beneath the surface of the skin using Isophoresis to break down the cellulite and to improve circulation and lymphatic and venous drainage. Each treatment at the Eporex Centre takes about twenty to forty minutes and is not painful and is non intrusive. After the treatment you can return to normal activities. The addition of vitamin c to the mixture encourages the tone and quality of the overlying skin.

The Eporex Centre treatment is long lasting and the results measurable. When the desired effects are achieved all that is required is annual maintenance over a 2-6 week period. Superb results are achieved and those being treated look and feel better both during and after treatment. Overall with a moderate amount of lifestyle change, mesotherapy can provide measurable improvements.
Skin Rejuvenating
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